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Clustered Ice

Gilded Leon

Clustered Rainbow

Shadow & Ice

A History

Amewusika, a full blood Ewe Ghanaian princess, stitches her metaphysical notions of ascension, beauty & most of all comfort into divinely inspired pieces fused with the draping silhouettes of her family’s royal traditional garb. She wields & evokes a divine femininity in ancient archetypes applied to her craft & uses fabrics and beads evocative of venerable rites, rituals & mystic royalty, influenced by her grandfather Togbui Edulali Acolatse IV, a prominent chief of Keta & Kedzi, the lands of her ancestors in the Volta Region of Ghana. This work is the summation of a decade of traversing through different continents, religions and philosophies. The comfort of natural glamour and grace is her science and this work, her dissertation.

A Summation of Self

Divine discontentment.


May - 17

Frank Selasie


Manifest Destiny

May - 02

Frank Selasie

Manifest Destiny


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