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About Amewusika

About Amewusika

From the coast of West Africa comes the eponymous couturier that is Amewusika, also known as Frank Selasie, a concept created, designed & executed by the one woman production that is writer, model & artist Selasie Amewusika Acolatse.

Born a full blood Ewe Ghanaian in London, Amewusika spent most of her life traveling the world & soaking up an assortment of cultural magic. Trained as a seamstress by her grandmother from the moment she could walk, she felt it necessary to intimate all she learnt from her adventures, travels spanning countries with diverse cultures from Bahrain to Nigeria.

Amewusika stitches her metaphysical notions of ascension, beauty & most of all comfort into Asian inspired kimonos fused with the draping silhouettes of her family’s royal traditional garb. She wields & evokes a divine femininity in ancient archetypes applied to her craft & uses fabrics evocative of venerable rites, rituals & mystic royalty, influenced by her grandfather Togbui Edulali Acolatse IV, a prominent chief of Keta & Kedzi, the lands of her ancestors in the Volta Region of Ghana.

She coined the term “Glamour Comfort” to encapsulate her ethos into a modern day contemporary translation of “You look your best when you feel your best”, a message given to her during the spiritually & physically harrowing time in her life.

“Glamour Comfort” became her armor & weaponry in the battle that was life itself.

Armor & weaponry she hopes to share with you & the world. 


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